How To See Italy Without Leaving Home

Let’s be honest, being on lockdown is no fun. For anyone who loves to travel, or just generally loves being outside, it’s definitely a tough time – but it’s not forever.

In the meantime, to scratch that travel itch, thanks to the wonders of modern technology here are 5 places in Italy you can travel to right now, from the comfort of your own home, using live webcams.

Tower of Barì – Bari Sardo, Sardinia

Bari Sardo, located about 120 km northeast of Sardinia’s capital Cagliari, is a hidden gem on the amazing eastern coast of Ogliastra.

Thanks to this webcam, hosted by the town’s local council, it’s possible to travel to the wonderful Torre di Barì (Tower of Barì) Beach, as well as the medieval tower, on the east coast of Sardinia!

The tower of Barì was constructed in the 16th century during Aragonese (Spanish) domination, as a lookout for problematic Mediterranean pirates.

Torre di Barì Beach – Bari Sardo, Sardinia

Grand Canal – Venice, Veneto

The Grand Canal of Venice forms one of the major water-traffic corridors in the city.

The banks of the Grand Canal are lined with more than 170 buildings, most of which date from the 13th to the 18th century, and demonstrate the welfare and art created by the medieval Republic of Venice.

One end of the canal leads into the lagoon near the Santa Lucia railway station and the other end leads into the basin at San Marco.

Grand Canal – Venice

Rome, Lazio

This one is cheating, as it isn’t quite a live webcam!

It’s actually an amazing composite video put together by Sky News Italy, using drone footage, showing the city of Rome on lockdown.

It’s quite eerie seeing all of the usually busy tourist attractions completely empty – well worth a look!

Drone footage of Rome under quarantine

Piazza del Comune – Assisi, Umbria

Streaming live from Assisi, an Italian town in the province of Perugia (in the region of Umbria) – where St. Francis was born – watch the rectangular town square, surrounded by significant medieval buildings and featuring the 16th century Fontana Dei Tre Leoni (Fountain of the Three Lions).

Piazza del Comune – Assisi, Umbria

St. Peter’s Basilica – Vatican City

Ok, so Vatican City is technically not a part of Italy – it’s a separate city state – but it is completely surrounded by Rome, so I’ll allow it!

If you tune in to this stream, you’ll be treated with a spectacular view of St. Peter’s Square, but as the stream is provided by Vatican Media Live, it is interrupted periodically whenever Pope Francis makes a public address.

Vatican City

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